Barnes and Noble


This past Saturday I drew caricatures at Star Wars Day at Barnes and Noble. It was as fun as it sounds. Here are a few happy customers. I drew more Princess Leia’s than anyone else, both with and without the donut hair style. Several people wanted Jabba the Hutt! I look forward to more events at Barnes and Noble.


Yesterday I drew caricatures for Barnes and Noble’s DC Comics day. It was set up in the children’s section of the Union Square store in NYC. I drew a lot of the kids as superheroes, but I had the usual ballerinas, and, in the case of these brothers, boxing. It was so cute when the little boy wanted to be just like his older brother. In the top picture I had the mom stand behind me, to keep the child facing forward. It’s an old trick of mine. Another trick is to get on the floor, on the child’s level. Often that’s the only way to get a good drawing, especially for the younger ones. 

Next week I’m there for Star Wars day, so I’m looking forward to that one. Stay tuned for pictures from that one.